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pt i: the goddess

A pop romp on femininity, power, and performance. 

The EP 'pt i: the goddess' is the first in the By Moonlight trilogy, which aims to unpack femininity, sexuality, and autonomy through sonics and folklore. 


Girl In Parts

Love & Money



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Savior addresses the strange space of being loved & worshipped for something that you aren't. It plays with the idea of image, and the way we can play into the perceptions others have of us or subvert them entirely. Playing on mirrors and singing alone in a dark room, Valerie gives us the feeling that she's making a tongue-and-cheek remark on performative femininity. 

Love & Money

Featuring pop powerhouse Solana, Love & Money takes a deep dive into reclaiming femininity & sensuality by femmes and for femmes. 

All photos & videos shot by Emry Briskey
Love and Money v10c.00_00_02_00.Still001
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