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The Places EP

A folk reflection on hope, transformation, and travel. 

Told through the soundscape of tambourine, acoustic guitar, and soaring vocals, this body of work is reminiscent of 60's and 70's folk and stomp-and-holler. 






The Places Ep Trailer

A cinematic journey through the EP's three tracks. 

Palisades centers around the idea of growing and learning through change. It explores the difficulty and inspiration of leaving on a trip only to find yourself. 

Boston highlights Valerie's soft spot for the city - having family there, she spent her adolescence splitting her time between Milwaukee and the roar of the South Shore. 

Amsterdam is a lighthearted track about the fun and fervor being swept up into something larger than yourself, and getting lost in the adventure. 

Photos by Forrest Van Gogh & Jack Soltysik. Video by Julian Valentine
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